Up until approximately MODx 0.9.2, a snippet named DropMenu was used to create navigational menus.

Then, in about October 2006, Kyle Jaebker created Wayfinder as a more flexible and capable replacement for DropMenu. Wayfinder was refactored from the original DropMenu navigation builder to make it easier to create custom navigation by using chunks as output templates. By using templates, many of the DropMenu parameters were no longer needed, yet the range of output became more flexible. Wayfinder can output hierarchical, ordered or unordered lists, complex table structures, definition lists (DLs) or any other HTML structure you might desire -- along with any associated CSS and JavaScript that you provide.

Starting in MODx 0.9.5 Wayfinder is officially included in the MODx installation, and DropFinder is officially deprecated.

Release History

v1.0, 23oct06, by Kyle Jaebker, works with MODx v0.9.2.1

v1.0.1, 7nov06, by Kyle Jaebker, works with MODx: 0.9.5,,

v1.0.2, date?, by Kyle Jaebker

v2.0, 27feb07, by Kyle Jaebker, works with MODx: 0.9.5 and...?


  • ASP at AKIHABARA Japan
  • CMS AWARDS 2007 Winner