tagging エクステンダー

Parameters for tagging extender


Purpose: ID for tag links to point to


Purpose: Document field for template variable containing tags


Purpose: Set tags for filtering
Values: any valid tags separated by


Default: empty
Notes: Alternative to supplying them in URL


Purpose: Select or hide documents with all or any of the tags

Default: onlyTags


Purpose: Separator between tags
Values: Any character not used within the tags
Default: space


Purpose: Make tag matching and duplicate tag removal case sensitive
Values: 0,1
Default: 0


Purpose: Separator between tags in display
Values: Character string



Purpose: Sort the tags alphanumerically
Values: 0,1
Default: 1


Purpose: Display format of tags in [+tagLinks+]
Values: 1 (string of links

&tagDisplayDelimiter separated), 2 (UL/LI list)

Default: 1


Purpose: Output template for the [+tagLinks+] placeholder
Values: chunk name; code via @CODE:file via @FILE:


Purpose: Set name of function to handle source and processing of tags
Values: Any valid function name
Default: empty
Notes: See Ditto sitefor details


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