summary エクステンダー

summary エクステンダーのパラメータ


Purpose: Enable truncation of the text that goes into the [+summary+] placeholder
Values: 0,1
Default: 1


Purpose: Marker string to split the content at
Values: Any unique text or code string that is contained in the content of each document.
Default: <!-- splitter -->
Notes: $_lang['splitter']


Purpose: Should the document be summarized at the splitter?
Values: 0,1
Default: 1


Purpose: Number of characters to show of the content
Values: Any number greater than


Default: 200


Purpose: Number of characters to 'wander' either way of truncLen
Values: Any number greater less than truncLen
Default: 20


Purpose: Text to be displayed in [+link+]
Values: Any valid text or html
Default: Read more...'
Notes: $_lang['more_text']


Purpose: Template to be used for [+link+]
Values: chunk name; code via @CODE:file via @FILE:


Notes: Placeholders:


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