General Questions

Who created Ditto?

Mark Kaplan

What is Ditto for?

Summarizing documents in many formats

Common Issues

Help, my parameters aren't taking effect!

Make sure you are using backticks ` and not single quotes '

None of the pagination placeholders are being set, what is going on?

If you have PHx installed you will need to call Ditto cached on an uncached page

Why are snippet calls in my Ditto template not executed?

This is because the current MODx parser can't handle nested tags of the same type. You will need to alternate between cached and uncached (or vice versa) snippet calls. For example, if your Ditto call is uncached your snippet call within the Ditto template will need to be cached.

There are code tags in my Ditto output, how do I get rid of them?

If you copied and pasted a Ditto call using an RTE check the source of the document content and remove the code tags.

How do I change the format of the dates to my language or apply a server offset?

Use the &dateFormat parameter

Important Notes

In pagination mode (&paginate=`1`)

Always call the snippet uncached and make sure to use the placeholders for navigation as the are not added automatically to the start or end.


  • ASP at AKIHABARA Japan
  • CMS AWARDS 2007 Winner