Migration from AjaxSearch 1.8.5 to AjaxSearch 1.9.0

How to migrate from AjaxSearch 1.8.5 to AjaxSearch 1.9.0



1.8.5 :
---- &searchWordList user function (optional)
to define a search word list: [user_function_name,params] where params is an optional array of parameters

1.9.0 : The option list should be now set in the input template.
For instance you could use a snippet to get some Tv values. Look at the toolbox/snippet.asSelectTv.txt


1.8.5 :


1.8.5 :
---- &showMoreResults [1 | 0] (optional)
If you want a link to show all of the results from the ajax search.

1.9.0 : this parameter is useless as soon as you define a moreResultsPage.

2/ === 名前が変わったパラメータ

For a better and a simpler undertstanding some parameters have been renamed

AS_showForm => showInputForm
AS_landing => landingPage
AS_showResults => showResults

3/ === Renamed $_POST and $_GET variables

Some $_POST and $_GET variables have been renamed.

AS_search => search

4/ === Renamed parameter values


If you previously use the tvPhx parameter with &tvPhx='tv:displayTV'
You need now define which Tvs you would like use.

&tvPhx : Set placeHolders for TV (template variables)

0 : disallow the feature
'tv:displayTV' : set up placeholders for each TV (named tvName) linked to the documents found (default)


&tvPhx [[+ | - ] [ : tvlist]] - by default ''

The parameter tvPhx define which additional tv will be added as placeholder.


&tvPhx='tv1,tv2,tv3' - tv1, tv2, Tv3 are added as placeholders
&tvPhx='+:tv1,tv2,tv3' - tv1, tv2, Tv3 are added as placeholders
&tvPhx='+' - all tvs of the site are added as placeholders

&tvPhx='-' - all tvs of the site are added as placeholders
&tvPhx='-:tv1,tv2,tv3' - all tvs of the site except tv1, tv2, Tv3 are added as placeholders

&tvPhx='' - no tv defined as placeholders.

The following placeholders are anabled with the tv:

[+as.tvname+], [+as.tvnameShow+], [+as.tvnameClass+]

Where tvname is the MODX name of a TV

[+as.tvname+] is the HTML output of your TV
[+as.tvnameShow+] = 1 if the TV is not NULL
[+as.tvnameClass+] :
- ajaxSearch_resultTvname for the non ajax results (&tplResult)
- AS_ajax_resultTvname for the ajax window (&tplAjaxResult)

The tv value could be used with the filter parameter (see &filter)

As withTvs includes the TV as a new field in the select clause of the mysql query,
tvPhx append the content of the selected tv after the search and before filer.

5/ ============================ Add PagingType 0 to your AjaxSearch snippet calls

The default pagingType is 1. So to keep your previous look & feel you need to add &pagingType='0'

With the non-ajax mode, this allow the pagination as 1.8.5
With the ajax mode this disabled the pagination of results for a group of results.


&pagingType [ 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 ] : type of pagination

Default: 1

0: Results Pages 1 | 2 | 3
1: Previous - X-Y /Z - Next
2: X-Y /Z - Show more 10 results

Type 0 for non-ajax mode only
Type 1 for non-ajax and ajax mode
Type 2 for ajax mode (Jquery only)

6/ === define the "init" css class to prevent javascript disabling

When using ajax mode, it's better to plan that javascript could be disabled.
In this case you need to add a landingPage to see the search results and define the css class "init" to mask the ajaxSearch_output div when javascript is disabled. Simply add in your css file:

#ajaxSearch_output.init {
border: none;
background-color: #FFF;

7/ === Customize the look & field of your search results display

For a better look & field of your results display define:

.ajaxSearch_resultsDisplayed, .AS_ajax_resultsDisplayed : to style the number of results displayed

.ajaxSearch_resultsDisplayed, .AS_ajax_resultsDisplayed {

.ajaxSearch_grpResultsDisplayed.AS_ajax_grpResultsDisplayed : to style the number of results by group displayed

.ajaxSearch_grpResultsDisplayed, .AS_ajax_grpResultsDisplayed {

.ajaxSearch_grpResultName, .AS_ajax_grpResultName : to style the group of results

.ajaxSearch_grpResultName, .AS_ajax_grpResultName {
background:url(images/img04.jpg) no-repeat left 50%;
font:bold 1em Arial, Sans-serif;
padding:5px 0 5px 15px;
margin:3px 0;

And if you use the pagingType parameter:

.ajaxSearch_paging {
margin:5px 0 10px;
.paging1, .paging2 {
padding:5px 0 10px;
margin:0 0 5px;
.paging1Infos{ margin:0 5px 5px; color:green;}
.paging1Prev{ width:16px; margin:0 3px 0 0;display:block; float:left; text-indent:-3000px; background:url(images/asprev.png) 0 center no-repeat; }
.paging1Next{ width:16px;display:inline-block;text-indent:-3000px; background:url(images/asnext.png) 0 center no-repeat; }

.paging2More{ margin:10px 10px; padding:8px;background:url(images/asnext.png) 0 center no-repeat;}
.paging2Text{ margin:0 0 0 12px; color:green;}

.ajaxSearch_currentPage {

look at documentation/someCssExamples/search.css for some examples.

8/ === New labels added

Six labels have been added. So may be some labels could be missing for your language.

Used to display the number of results found:
$_lang['as_resultsTextSingle'] = '%d result found.';
$_lang['as_resultsTextMultiple'] = '%d results found.';

Used to display the total number of results displayed:
$_lang['as_resultsDisplayed'] = 'Displayed: %d';

Used to display the number of results displayed by group:
$_lang['as_grpResultsDisplayedText'] = '(Displaying %d - %d of %d)';

Used by pagingType 1:
$_lang['as_paging1Text'] = '%d - %d / %d';

Used by pagingType 2:
$_lang['as_paging2Text'] = 'Show more %d results';


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