Wayfinder is a MODx snippet, whose primary purpose is to generate navigational menus that automatically update to reflect changes made in the MODx document tree.

Each time Wayfinder is called, it scans a specified portion of the MODx document tree, finds all documents that satisfy specified conditions, and outputs a formatted listing of those documents.

The formatting of the output is template-driven, and can contain combinations of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, yielding an enormous degree of flexibility. Thus you have great control over the content, appearance and behavior of the generated output.

Since you can make multiple calls to Wayfinder on a single page, and since each call can specify a different section of the document tree, you can have multiple navigational menus or document lists on a single page. For example you may wish to have a main menu at the top of the page, then along the sides have sub-menus for products, services, teams, roles, etc. -- each listing documents from a different portion of the document tree. You may additionally want a breadcrumb trail. All of these can co-exist on the same page.


  • ASP at AKIHABARA Japan
  • CMS AWARDS 2007 Winner